Sunday, July 5, 2009


I assisted at the local congregation today. It was all in Zulu, of course, but it is amazing how familiar it is. Lutheran the world over. Pretty much the same liturgy in the same order as at home. However, offerings are different. They sing as each one comes forward to put money in the general offering, the special offering, or the Sunday school bank (shaped like a white church with a green roof!) Of course no one can be seen sitting in the pew while the line files by!
The ushers carried that offering out and we had communion. After the benediction a different basket come out and there was what must have been a Stewardship moment – a man carried the church’s ledger of offerings around and stopped by certain people. No amounts were read but it was clear he knew and they knew…Then we sang again and everyone came up and put in the basket again. When that song ended a woman ran up with another basket for the women’s rally offering and they did it again.

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