Saturday, June 27, 2009

Over the hills and far away

Friday was an early morning drive through the country Paton describes as “so beautiful there is no singing of it.” Each hill crest opens to valleys on both sides as far as they eye can see. Some are covered with sugar cane, some with tiny houses, both square and round. A 360 degree mural could not capture it.Round houses are traditionally popular because bad spirits hide in corners and in a round house all the occupants can sit against a wall and face each other.Tucked back in the hills off a dirt road is Kithi Diocesan Centre, Kwazulu-Nata – Kelly’s home for the last year. In every direction the valleys and small houses spread out. The sun is warmer in the day – the air is cooler at night. The starts are very bright – I am looking forward to a new moon to see them even better.

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