Monday, June 29, 2009

Thick and Fast

The magic clock on the Internet cafe gives me 8 minutes more - but so much has happened. Here is only one - more when I sign on again.

Tombstone Unveiling - families dig graves and bury within a day or 2. The cemetery is mounds of dirt above ground with sticks like a Lincoln Log fence around each one. When they save up for a marble slap to cover the grave and a tombstone there is another ceremony for the unveiling. I was fortunate to be at on Saturday! It is another chance to remember the deceased and sing - all standing on a dirt hillside with hardly a footpath between mounds . As we dedicated the tombstone another family was digging a grave for their own funeral. What a remarkable tradition. And of course followed by a family/friend get together.

The food is mostly chicken and rice, vegetable - they have the same "Green Vegetable that is pumpkin vines we had in China! Some other things I don't recognize but that may be all to the good.

Weather colder than you are but not Chicago Winter cold - but with no heat inside it is 43 degrees everywhere!

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