Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Less than two weeks....

As the days count down, the details increase! Here is the latest outline from Brian Konkol, area coordinator.

Arrive at airport in Durban, stay in Pietermaritzburg with Konkols.Drive to Umphumulo in A.M. to stay with Kelly Schumacher (...during the weekend there will be a large ordination service at the Diocese Center, so we thought you would dearly enjoy to be a part of this. Plus, Kelly said she would need some help!). There will be accommodation available alongside Kelly in her residence.I will drive to Umphumulo in the morning hours to pick you up and bring you back to Pietermaritzburg, where we will spend the next few days visiting with local Lutheran leaders and enjoying various other learning experiences. We will also take time to process the experience together as fellow "outsiders". During the week I expect you to stay with a family from the Machibesa congregation (they have hosted visitors on many occasions before). I will drive you back to Umphumulo to spend the weekend with Kelly, as there will be a weekend-long youth convention that she believes you would enjoy. My understanding is that once again you will stay at Kelly's residence and drive back and forth from the convention. I will pick you up in Umphumulo and bring you back to Pietermaritzburg for your final days in the country. We will visit more leaders, as well as take some time to process your experience.

If you have not been to a map yet, Durban is on the east coast, on the Indian Ocean. Pietermaritzburg in inland an hour or so. Umphumulo is to the north and east and does not appear on many maps!

Slogging through the Covenant by Michener, the Lutherans play a minor role in the history up to the Boer War. So far it is Dutch Reform vs Anglican. It will be interesting to see how Lutheran missionaries have impacted the various groups. And what the role is today.

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